ISR Matrix CAT
Counter Assault Tactics for Women

ISR Matrix Counter Assault Tactics (ISR-CAT) is a Tactical Martial Art specifically design and tailored for women seeking real world self-defense and personal protection for themselves and those they wish to protect from harm. It covers hand-to-hand tactics as well as the proper use of less than lethal as well as improvised and lethal weapons from tactical, legal, and psychological perspectives.

Originally designed as part of the survive, evade, resist and escape tactics taught to smaller framed officers and undercover female and federal operatives working overseas and at high risk, ISR-CAT has been transformed to effectively deal with the day to day activities, threats and risks that women may be placing themselves in close proximity to. It builds awareness, stresses prevention and avoidance, educates individuals to the criminal mindset, victim selection and de-selection strategies and empowers women in a manner that develops true tested and measured strength and not paranoia or a false sense of protection.

The ISR Matrix Counter Assault Tactics system is available to females of all ages and workshops, seminars and courses are tailor made for the specifics of the intended audience. 

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