Law Enforcement / Police Defensive Tactics / Corrections / SWAT teams

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement

Morally and Legally Defensible, Tactically Sound, Highly Functional, Time Tried and Tested Defensive Tactics, Subject Control.

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (ISR-LE) is designed as a complete defensive tactics system (hand to hand as well as less than lethal and lethal options) that can easily be readily integrated with existing Standard Operating Procedures/Policies and use of force continuum's as required.

Our Law Enforcement System is the only recognized, proven and documented morally and legally defensible defensive tactics & subject control program through curriculum, training methodology and performance alike. It greatly limits liability and reduces in-service injuries and is principle based and easy to integrate into existing S.O.P. and accepted use of force continuums. It is able to escalate and de-escalate in direct proportion to resistance levels by design and can readily be integrated with most existing training and service protocols already in place. It has been proven and time tested world wide in some of the most dangerous and hostile environments by state and federal law enforcement as well as military agencies acting in intelligence and with counter-terrorism oriented missions. It is the premier LEO system in the world and remains to date as strategic and conceptual in approach as it is functional, transferable and measurable in performance.

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement grants officers the adaptability to escalate and de-escalate in direct proportion to subject’s resistance levels, to overcome resistance within their legal frame of reference as peace officer. 

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Online Courses for Law Enforcement now available!

Vertical Core & Horizontal Core BUNDLE

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"The center of origin for modern day Defensive Tactics."

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement System - Gun Retention

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An evolution in Defensive Tactics training.

ISR Matrix LE Instructor Courses:

Vertical Core - Defensive Tactics while Standing. This course starts with interviewing platforms to solidify officer safety, closing the reactionary gap, gaining positional dominance, take downs, working towards arrest and control. This course is the first requirement in our system.

Horizontal Core - Defensive Tactics while grounded. This course begins where the Vertical Core ended. The attendees will focus on gaining and maintaining positional control from the top, being mindful to detach if needed or maintain control. This course will give the attendees multiple options for reversing/escaping to a secure platform of operation if they find themselves under an assailant. There are also components of arrest and control within the course as well.  

Weapons Core - Retention, Deployment and Close Quarter Fighting. There is overlapping concepts and strategies from the Vertical and Horizontal Core throughout this course.

Weapon protection, retention as well as weapon disarms from multiple positions throughout the Vertical and Horizontal Cores re taught and pressure checked through proper drilling and group problem solving. This is a dynamic and robust course full of contextually driven strategies and proven courses of action and its contents and training material is recognized as one of the ISR Matrix’s crowning achievements in the world of defensive tactics. 
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Beyond Subject Control

One System _ Every Option 

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement is a time tested and proven, principle based and systematic approach to introducing, teaching and training all things martial. It is a complete and integrated approach to managing aggression and violence by design and through performance alike.
Apprehension Tactics & Combatives for Security Forces and Special Operations Groups

ISR Matrix Armed Forces

Apprehension and control tactics, close quarter combatives training for military security forces, special operations groups and personnel.

ISR Matrix Armed Forces (AF) is designed to meet the apprehension and close quarter combative needs of military personnel working as individuals or as part of small teams, task forces and special operations groups. 

Specializing in apprehension and team tactics for security forces as well as close quarter combatives within the context of survival, escape and evasion, ISR Matrix AF offers consultation, train the trainer courses and customized instruction as per the request and needs of our armed forces and allied nations.

ISR Matrix International and our instructors have collectively worked in the fields of counter-terrorsim, executive protection, hostage rescue, aviation and public transport intervention, counter-ambush, riot control, urban survival, SERE training and subject apprehension and controller three generations of experience to date. 

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