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The Matador Knife System was initially developed for the Department of Defense as part of a close quarter combatives system designed for security forces and special operations groups. Over the years it has been taught to Special Agents of the Department of Justice working overseas and in Latin America. 

Where most knife or blade based arts are generally all encompassing and express a vast array of techniques to address endless possibilities, the Matador Knife System has been specifically designed to STOP an aggressive and determined threat as efficiently as possible. 

Forged originally for those who are bound by duty and profession to go towards the danger and directly engage the threat, the Matador Knife System assures those who have been targeted and forced to face actual and imminent danger the ability to STOP it.
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Matador Knife System

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Matador Knife System Online Courses


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Who should take these courses?

Anyone who currently carries a knife or is considering to do so for self-defense and who is truly committed to being well informed, well trained and fully capable of protecting and defending themselves and / or their loved ones if ever faced with a real, immediate and life threatening physical assault. 

Introductory in nature, the material showcased is nevertheless both fundamental and essential to the efficient use of a knife as a lethal weapon in regards to its stopping power against an aggressive and committed assault.

If you are looking for instruction and training with the knife as a personal protection tool then look no further. The Matador Knife System is as much a systematic return to the knife as a survival tool as it is a methodology and approach that honors one's right and will to thrive.  

Course Requirements: A plastic or rubber training knife is ideal to begin with. A fixed training blade is preferable but folders will work. We recommend that your training knife be the style of knife that you would most carry. 

Your Instructor.

The Matador Knife System was created by Luis Gutierrez of the ISR Matrix as part of his work for the Department of Defense for Security Forces, S.E.R.E. Specialist (Survival-Evasion-Resistance-Escape), and Special Operations Groups and Personnel. It has also been presented and taught to Special Agents of the Department of Justice as well as vetted Latin American Police Units. 

 Where to start?

Now available to the general public, the Matador Knife System has both an on-line and hands on training element to its complete and whole curriculum. Regardless of one's current familiarity with the knife as a weapon, they should begin with Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the online content to explore the system's overall strategy and approach. These two phases alone will greatly refine your understanding of what works and why. 

How to proceed?

If you enjoyed Phases 1 & 2 and would like to become further proficient in the system for your own personal practice or perhaps to become an instructor of it one day, set your aim on the entire 9 part curriculum. Online testing will be provided as you move up and through them. 

The Matador Knife System features three stages of skill development, each consisting of three phases of instruction, training and testing.

The Introductory Stage (Phases 1-3) is initially cognitive in nature. The Integrative Stage (Phases 4-6) is largely associative in nature. The Dynamic Stage (Phases 7-9) is mostly autonomous in nature.

Incremental and progressive, each Stage layers new content by weaving it into the prior one strategically and through greater understanding of how truly dynamic and variable the "basics" can be when placed in proper context and further technical detailed are understood. 

You will be tested online at the end of Stage One (Phases 1-3) at the end of Stage Two (Phases 4-6) and at the end of Stage Three (Phases 7-9).

Those who have successfully passed all three Stages (nine courses total), will have the opportunity to be evaluated for Matador Knife System Instructorship and test in person with Luis Gutierrez. 

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Matador Knife System

The Matador Knife System is designed to STOP threats as quickly as possible when and where legally justified to do so. Designed with and for military and law enforcement professionals in mind, its reliability and effectiveness as a lethal weapon has been vetted and is trusted by those who put themselves in danger through their day to day line  of work. 
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