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Time tested, proven and premiere courses of action, strategic perspectives and our unique teaching and training methodology now online and specifically tailored for all of one's martial needs.  

ISR Matrix Online is for law abiding citizens seeking personal protection to professionals whose line of work often takes them into isolated or remote spaces or for those working in close proximity with patients that can become unruly or that they may need to physically manage.

ISR Matrix Online is for licensed security professionals, doormen and event coordinators seeking to learn physical management tactics designed to intervene when psychological management of subjects has been resisted or failed to de-escalate situations that necessitate it. 

ISR Matrix Online is for law enforcement professionals seeking to improve their own individual understanding of subject control and defensive tactics and improve there odds of getting home safely each and every day and likewise for Defensive Tactics Instructors looking to further develop their department or agency DT programs, curriculums, training and liability protocols or approach to class room and course management . 

Be a student. Study online via courses, seminars and classes.   

Study the industry approved courses, curriculums and training methods that have been instrumental to the evolution and modernization of apprehension and defensive tactics among law enforcement worldwide.  Integrate the close quarter combatives developed for our nation's security and special operations forces  with your own personal protection needs or simply learn a thing or two you may not have thought of. 

Assist others. Learn to Teach. Teach to learn. 

Learn the unique integrative teaching and training methodology developed by Luis Gutierrez that will instantly improve learning curves, assure maximum student retention and promote mutual benefit and welfare for all involved. 

Become an Instructor. As you follow and develop, so become and lead.

Master the martial strategies, tactics and methodology that has been systematically taught to professionals internationally for over two decades and assist us in assisting others through proper affiliation and industry recognized and valued certifications. Start a training group, club or classes at your existing school or gym. 

Coach true strength. Live, train and give to thrive. 

Schedule private or semi-private instruction, training or consultations for yourself, partners or team and harness the experience and perhaps some wisdom from hard won victories in the realms of teaching, training, coaching and speaking as a way of life. 

Online Courses for Law Enforcement and Police


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Online Courses for Civilians


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