ISR Matrix Physical Management

Morally and Legally Defensible, Tactically Sound, Highly Functional, Time Tried and Tested Self-Defense and Personal Protection.

The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) system for Civilian Security Professionals and Physically at Risk Civilian Professions and Institutions (Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Paramedics, etc) dealing with individual and group threats from business clients and patients to unknown subjects active active assailants.

The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) system is centered in Subject Control and transportation. It is designed for executive protection specialists, armed an unarmed security personnel, paramedics, elderly and health care workers, hospital orderlies, doormen and professions that are at risk of physical harm to themselves or others around them at their work space.

From individual to team tactics, the ISR-PM system is designed to directly address the specific needs of the individual and their specific profession as well as the legal and ethical standards of their workplace, business or institution. The strategies and tactics involved are designed to offer maximum control with the least use of force or violence and are all vetted to be legally defensible. Its ability to escalate and de-escalate as justly warranted and to simultaneously communicate and verbalize commands as well as diffuse resistance levels make it ideal for use of force scenarios that can not rely on strikes or pain to implement dominance or control. 

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Clutch is short for Clutch Combatives and is the ISR Matrix’s close quarter personal protection system for civilians

Clutch Combatives is a purely martial centered system of defense that includes and integrates less than lethal tools as well as the proper and efficient deployment of weapons and potentially lethal use of force when legally and morally warranted.

Clutch Combatives was originally developed for the United States Department of Defense and special operation teams and personnel.


ISR Matrix Counter Assault Tactics (ISR-CAT) is a tactical martial art specifically design and tailored for women seeking real world self-defense and personal protection for themselves and those they wish to protect from harm. It covers and to hand tactics as well as the proper use of less than lethal as well as improvised and lethal weapons from tactical, legal, and psychological perspectives.  


ISR Matrix Physical Management (ISR-PM) is designed for licensed civilian and employed security personnel working in environments that require hands on subject control, restraint, and transportation such as executive protection, security personnel, paramedics, elderly and health care workers, hospital orderlies, and doormen but is not limited to those professions. 

Matador Knife System

Our system on knife deployment and its use from a purely modern combative perspective is sure to offer some new insights and tactics even to the most experienced of students. The Matador Knife System is designed to STOP threats as quickly as possible and to assure the escape from great bodily harm as legally justified. 

Online Courses for Civilians

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