Clutch Combatives


ISR Matrix Clutch is the world’s first and foremost *Tactical Martial Art and addresses everything from standing or grounded hand to hand defense to the proper deployment and retention of less than lethal tools to lethal weapons and the transitioning between them under duress.

Designed to cover everything from individualized personal protection to defending loved ones, property and homestead through proper planning and teamwork, the system generally takes a few years to master but is available in incrementally progressive modular parts that individuals can customize to fit their schedules, needs and concerns.

The origins of ISR Matrix Clutch Combatives system are rooted in the training methods and tactics that served as our company’s programs involved with teaching and training our nation’s armed forces, special task and security forces and undercover agents working in some of the most hostile environments in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean, and Central & South America.

*Tactical Martial Art: A complete modern approach to self-defense and personal protection rooted in military CQC (Close-Quarter Combatives) and modified as needed to serve the needs of civilians and urban professionals alike when dealing with threats, aggression and violence. Unlike the traditional, mixed, and reality based martial arts and sports, it strategically integrates key aspects of them all into something entirely different and much more comprehensive, legally and ethically defensible and viably realistic in scope. 
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