ISR Matrix CAT: Prep & Study Instructor Candidate Online Course

  • Author: Luis Gutierrez
  • Level: Current Martial Arts & Self-Defense Instructors
  • Study time:  16 to 24 hours / varies on experience 
  • Video time: 46 minutes
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ISR Matrix welcomes Martial Arts & Self-Defense Instructors who are interested in teaching Women’s Personal Protection & Self-Defense professionally to Enroll in this online prep course.

ISR Matrix CAT Instructor Candidates must be Instructors in recognized martial arts and are expected to be fit, capable enough to perform and represent the material and training they aspire to teach others to do. 

This Prep & Study Instructor Candidate Course is specifically designed for Instructor Candidates to study and prepare for the upcoming Live / Virtual ISR Matrix CAT Instructor Certification Course, Evaluation and Test via Zoom in March 2024 - exact dates to be announced soon.
Purchase of this online course INCLUDES the Live/Virtual Evaluation & Testing.

This online course is a template that outlines key concepts, teaching methods, general curriculum structure and a few training examples to make sure that Instructor Candidates that proceed to register, are well informed of what to expect. 

ISR-CAT Instructor Candidates must Enroll in this online course and fill out the Application Form which involves their martial arts and self defense background, experience level, school or facility name, location etc as well as a general Q & A.

The test is pass or fail. Those who pass will be awarded a Certification as well as affiliate status with ISR Matrix CAT. Those that do not pass will have to re-schedule re-testing for an additional fee at a later date. 

All Instructor Candidates attending the Live / Virtual Course, evaluation and test will be provided with all of the necessary information regarding awareness and prevention on through to threat recognition, becoming harder targets, evasion and escape options. This includes but is not limited to dealing with social media and online stalking to home and travel protection strategies and tactics. 

They will learn our unique teaching and training methodology as well as our class, seminar and course management and pacing system. 

They will learn our complete counter abduction and assault tactics curriculum from beginner level on through to proficiency and overall mastery.

What does this ISR Matrix CAT Certification signify and or grant the Instructor? ISR Matrix CAT Instructors are Certified to teach the ISR Matrix CAT System to women. They are not qualified nor permitted to create or authorize others to teach the ISR Matrix Cat System. Only Luis Gutierrez, the founder and creator of the system is able to Certify & Authorize ISR Matrix CAT Instructors. 

Getting Started:
  1. Sign Up and become a Member. Fill out the Required Application Form.
  2. Purchase and Enroll in this ISR-CAT Online Prep & Study Course here on ISR Matrix Online.
  3. Study, learn and train the material therein.
  4. Attend the upcoming Live / Virtual Course in March 2024. **Test is pass or fail.
  5. Instructor Candidates will learn the entire ISR-CAT system and be tested and evaluated at its close. Those that pass will be certified and grated affiliation with ISR Matrix CAT.
    **Those that do not pass will receive feedback and have the opportunity to study and re-schedule a testing date. 

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