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Horizontal Core - Ground Course for Law Enforcement

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement Online Ground Course.
Important note:
the Vertical Core Course is required before having access to the Horizontal Core.

Vertical Core
is the mandatory prerequisite Course for Horizontal Core

4.9 Hours of Content
Video Lessons with accompanying PDF Notes
Teaching & Training Lessons & Examples
Teaching Details & Coaching Concepts
Sample Drills & Coaching Tips
The S-Position (Tactical bridge between Vertical & Horizontal Core) 
Transitions towards cuffing.
Controlling from dominant positions.
Escaping from non-dominant positions. 
Detachment & Disengagement strategies and options.
Partner & Team Tactics
Tactical Guard - Using hips & legs & accompanying line drills. 
Firearm Protection & Retention - Inside & Outside the Holster 
The V-Wrap (primary) & Lock (transitionary)
Discussion on firearm deployment while grounded. 

Note: Certification and affiliation is not included with this online course.

For further information on becoming a Certified ISR Matrix LE Instructor, scroll down below for details.
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Certification & Re-Certification
Opportunities are Now Available 

After successful completion of either or both ISR Matrix LE Online Courses, LEO Defensive Tactics Instructors seeking out greater study, training and eventual Certification have the following two options available to them:
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  • Instructor Certification

    Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructors that wish to be certified as ISR Matrix LE Horizontal Core Instructors with ISR Matrix International must have a minimum of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt from legitimate BJJ Black Belt Instructor. They must purchase the Horizontal  Core Online Course, study and train the material therein and contact ISR Matrix International to schedule and book their in-person Horizontal Core Instructor Course. This course is 3 days (24 hours) and is pass or fail. 
  • Instructor Re-Certification

    Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructors who currently hold an ISR Matrix Horizontal Core Instructor Certificate and must re-certify to maintain an active status with ISR Matrix can now re-certify online. They must purchase the Horizontal Core Online Course, study updated material therein and contact ISR Matrix International to schedule their online re-certification test. 
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