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  • Civilian Personal Protection and Women's Self-Defense
  • Defensive Tactics & Subject Control System for Law Enforcement. 
  • Training opportunities are now available both in-person and online.

“Luis is a genius when it comes to the martial arts, especially when it comes to integrating them within the Law Enforcement Control/Defensive Tactics realm. I have trained with many martial artists in the realm of traditional martial arts, Realty Self Defense and Combat Sports, and I can honestly say Luis is one of the best in what he does. I am honored to consider him a mentor, coach, instructor, but most of all a friend.”      
- Derek J Sierra
Senior Law Enforcement Instructor/ Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt

Defensive Tactics Training for Law Enforcement

ISR Matrix International provides strategic and tactical training to law enforcement, military and professional security professionals.  Our system is performance driven, functional and reliable under pressure. It fully integrates into existing departmental SOPs, greatly decreases training injuries and in-service liability issues and is readily absorbed and deployable by every able body.

How is the ISR Matrix different?

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (ISR-LE) was specifically designed for police officers and is a full spectrum dynamic system that is both ethically and legally defensible, medically vetted, curriculum supported and has been performance tested worldwide since 1999.

Why choose our system for Law Enforcement?

We offer a complete, structured and codified training methodology with a curriculum based teaching approach that seamlessly integrates a strategic point of view with a trained courses of action. 

We are proudly made in the USA.

Developed and designed in the United States and vetted in some of the most dangerous of environments and working conditions throughout the world by law enforcement professionals and military special teams, ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (ISR-LE) is a testament to three generations of Law Enforcement and Military veteran’s experience and professionalism.
ISR Matrix Course for Law Enforcement
Learn from the Best Instructors in the Industry

ISR Matrix Civilian Programs

ISR Matrix International provides and offers civilians ages 16 and up a full spectrum approach to self-defense and protection from an ethical, physical and psychological perspective.

ISR Matrix
instructs and trains civilians to be able to defend themselves and loved ones legally, physically and psychologically against potential threats, aggression and violence. We not only teach how to defend oneself but also why and when to do so from a real world point of view that involves legalities and the aftermath as well.

Matador Knife System

Matador Knife System, originally developed for those who are bound by duty and profession to go towards the danger and directly  engage the threat, the Matador Knife System assures those who have been targeted and forced to face actual and imminent danger, the ability to STOP it.

Where most knife or blade based arts are generally all encompassing and express a vast array of techniques to address endless possibilities, the Matador Knife System has been specifically designed to STOP an aggressive and determined threat as efficiently as possible. 

If you are looking for instruction and training with the knife as a personal protection tool, then look no further. The Matador Knife System is as much a systematic return to the knife as a survival tool as it is a disciplined methodology and dynamic approach that honors one's right and will to thrive. 

Clutch Combatives

Clutch Combatives (ISR-CLUTCH) is a purely martial centered system of defense that includes and integrates less than lethal tools as well as the proper and efficient deployment of weapons and potentially lethal use of force when legally and morally warranted.

We inform, educate and prepare men and women how to better avoid, escape, address and if necessary, engage threats with and by the best means possible.

Clutch Combatives are a systematic approach to support one's personal protection and self-defense needs through and by whatever means are available to them.

The origins of Clutch Combatives are in the fighting methods developed for counter-terrorism speciality teams, security forces and Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape specialist seeking more efficient means to transition between apprehension tactics and lethal force. 

Counter Assault Tactics

ISR Matrix Counter Assault Tactics (ISR-CAT) is specifically design and tailored for women seeking real world self-defense and personal protection for themselves and those they wish to protect from harm. It covers and to hand tactics as well as the proper use of less than lethal as well as improvised and lethal weapons from tactical, legal, and psychological perspectives. 

ISR-CAT is a full spectrum self-defense system for women seeking the education and training necessary to protect themselves and those they care for.

ISR-CAT is based on and rooted in a tactical curriculum initially developed for smaller framed and female officers working in under cover roles and / or as part of special task forces and missions for state and federal law enforcement. 

Physical Management

ISR Matrix Physical Management (ISR-PM) is centered in subject control and apprehension. The ISR Matrix PM system greatly reduced liability in training and especially in the workspace because it is able to justly escalate or rapidly de-escalate tactics according to proper, legal and morally defensible use of force.

ISR-PM is designed for licensed civilians and employed security personnel working in environments that require hands on subject control, restraint, and transportation such as executive protection, security personnel, paramedics, elderly and health care workers, hospital orderlies, event security personnel, bouncers and doormen but is not exclusively limited to those professions. 

"When you finally witness the depth within the ISR Matrix, you realize it is the center of origin for many modern techniques.
It's language, details and complex understanding show that many modern implementations have borrowed from it only superficially without the depths of its insights.”

- David W. Durnil 
Area Coordinator Combatives Chief of Training and Education Air Force Combatives Center of Excellence HQ USAFA AFTTP Combatives Repository 
“While training with Luis I became familiar with his teaching methods and the seamless way he hid repetitions. The training was formal and based on methods of proven self-defense, but it was the manner of delivery that made it educational while functional. During my assignment to the Training Bureau, I leaned heavily on Luis, not only for techniques but for methods of instruction. His skill as a teacher is at the highest level.”
- Timothy Cockrell
Law Enforcement Officer (retired), Assistant Municipal Security Manager 
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